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RAW is a full-service video strategy, production and distribution agency based in central London. Founded in 2006 by Ryan Wilkins, RAW creates outstanding video content.

With a team of original thinkers, creatives, strategists and producers that have worked with everyone from the BBC, Channel 4 and MTV, through to Publicis, and Ogilvy, RAW is a highly respected video agency.


RAW was facing a number of significant problems when I first met Ryan.

Three inferior website builds in two years had prevented the brand from moving forward.

When I saw the latest version of their new website in development, I was underwhelmed, and suggested we started again.

Had this website launched, it would have led RAW straight back into commoditization where increasing turnover substantially would have been almost impossible.

The business may have never recovered.

Ryan asked me to help him solve these problems and get the brand to where it needed to be.


The initial brand strategy and planning phase involved reviewing tactics, assets, goals, USPs and purpose. I conducted an extensive competitor analysis and found that the market was saturated with video agencies all saying the same old things.

None of the competitors were talking about strategy or the fact that videos should actually aim to achieve emotional responses from viewers.

I put myself in the shoes of desirable future clients and created psychological profiles (personas) for RAW’s target audiences. This inspired me to think differently and emotionally and during website planning, I devised a new feature helping target audiences filter RAW’s work by emotions.

This involved creating a full set of wireframes for the entire website.


The innovative brand strategy and communications plan set RAW apart. This centred on a strategic, insightful, creative and emotional approach, as opposed to the purely creative approach taken by many competitors.

Following the website planning and sitemap work I created as the information architect for the build, I produced a full set of wireframes and user journeys to rationalise the entire strategy.

You can see the homepage wireframe above and how that then was designed as a homepage below.

I provided all the wireframes in a comprehensive website brief and provided creative direction to the web developer so that he was clear on what we needed to build. Knowing the sitemap and content strategy inside out, as I had devised it, I had already commenced the copywriting phase which involved writing nearly 20,000 words of fresh website copywriting for the website.

This brand strategy and extensive competitor analysis work removed RAW from the commodity-type competitor price war they found themselves in.

They were now in a unique, differentiated, and authentic position, with an awesome website, that set them apart.

Following the launch of the new strategy and website, RAW’s  turnover rose year-on-year by 30%.

RAW has since worked with AKQA.com. AKQA is widely respected as one of the most innovative digital agencies in the world…

The business has gone on from strength to strength since the brand relaunched and has gone on to truly achieve its potential.

Sir John Hegarty's thoughts..

Once the project was over and the new strategy was bedding in, I met up with Ryan.

I’d been to see Sir John Hegarty and I asked him to sign a copy of his book Hegarty On Creativity, There Are No Rules.

Stu Ian Wood and Ryan Wilkins, Hegarty on Creativity book

I was telling Sir John about working with Ryan and RAW, teh challenges we were facing, and the tagline I’d suggested which read;

Strategy. Insight. Creative.

I was joking with Sir John that strategy must always come before creativity!

Sir John laughed, and wrote:

“To Ryan, Creativity will eat strategy for breakfast!”

A few weeks passed by and I received a gift from Ryan.

Good to Great

Ryan had bought me a book called Good to Great by Jim Collins, as a gift and a thank you for my work.

He simply said;

“This is what you do.”

It was an absolute delight for me to work with Ryan and the team at RAW and a privilege to be a small part of their history.

The website has evolved since I worked with RAW, but you can view the latest iteration here.


Find out what Ryan Wilkins, Founder of RAW, thought of my work helping him position his brand for growth.

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