Increasing profits with a new brand experience, interface, and copywriting

Moneycorp is a leading high-street brand based in London. Moneycorp has expert knowledge of foreign exchange and global market trading. Trusted in foreign exchange since 1979, Moneycorp is one of the fastest growing foreign exchange companies in the UK.


There were a number of problems that needed addressing with this project although the key areas included attending to poor website usability features, dreadful website copywriting (not written for the web) and fusing content from two different websites into one.

I was asked to help solve these problems with the primary aim of improving the target audience experience and increasing turnover substantially.


Following deep immersion into the Moneycorp brand and its solutions, I conducted a competitor analysis.

I then delved deep into the mind-sets of the target audiences and gained a great deal of empathy for their needs. Creating personas of target audiences helped guide all my work. I reviewed the communications strategy and recommended adjustments. During website planning, I created a revised sitemap and a selection of wireframes to guide the creative treatment and build phase.

It was then on to the copywriting and re-writing over 100,000 words of copy, ensuring everything was on-brand, aligned to the house style guide, and indexed correctly for the search engines.

I also devised and created a new knowledge centre with a glossary to help people learn about trading terminology and processes.


Since the new website and strategy launched, Moneycorp has enjoyed a 59% year-on-year growth.

This equates to a £30 million increase in gross profits, reaching the goal of achieving a substantial increase in turnover.

The website is now much easier to use, the copy is easier to read, and motivational psychology principles are helping target audiences achieve their goals quickly and easily.

Find out what Vatsal Trivedi, Online Marketing Manager of Moneycorp, thought of my work redefining the brand and user experience.

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