Love Marques

Learning from the most loved brands in the world...

Love Marques is my personal R&D Lab.

I created Love Marques to keep any eye on the work of the world’s most creative agencies, and the most loved brands in the world.

This idea was initally conceived many years ago. For almost every client that I have ever worked with since I started working for myself in 2007, I have looked at a major brand as part of my competitor analysis and brand strategy work.

Just to see what’s going on at that end of the market…

I figured one day, I might do something really simple to learn from what some of the most loved brands in the world are all up to.

Just for inspiration.

I also reckoned that the research into these Love Marques would enrich my advisory services too…

This website was also inspired by Kevin Roberts who was the Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, back in the day. Kevin wrote Lovemarks, The Future Beyond Brands, in 2004. I got exactly what he was on about! Building emotional connections and love into brand experiences isn’t a new idea, but this book was clinical in its deconstruction of his approach to branding beyond reason.

Inspired, and always curious to learn more, I wanted to build out an R&D Lab for me. I had loads of notes on brands that I had researched so it would all be fairly straightforward.

However, there was a seemingly insurmountable problem…


The problem, for many years, was that the brand photography rights were super expensive.

I’d decided that it just wouldn’t work without a beautiful image of an old Mercedes-Benz, a new Apple macbook, or a delightful photograph from the Chanel range of shoes

But then, after shelving the idea for years, I revisited the idea in 2023 when I noticed that photographers freely giving away some of their brand photos…


With the main barrier lifted, I could see this coming to life. And so, during the laster quarter of 2023, I started building

Whilst everyone who works in brand strategy and branding knows that reason leads to conclusions and emotion leads to action, I’m not sure enough of this thinking filters through to where it’s often needed most.

Persuasion tactics aside, I was also curious about this idea of building love into a brand and delivering brand experiences that were clearly thought through, anticipatory, and left the target audience feeling loved.

I wanted to explore this idea some more and I decided that at the very least, I would learn more from these Love Marques, and I could provide better advisory services to my clients.

We often talk about doing what we love, and being in love with our businesses, but do we really provide brand experiences that are truly crafted?

Polished. Honed. Thoughtful…

Do we really anticipate the needs of others as we build out our websites, user experiences, and tell our stories?

Could we do better?

I think we could…


Love Marques is now in its very early stages but it is proving useful as my little R&D Lab.

I’m hoping it becomes a conversation starter with clients about how love, passion, care, attention, and thoughtfulness can weaved into developing differentiated brand and website experiences.

Anticipating the needs of others is the essence of love, for me, and I believe that those brands that truly anticipate the needs of their customers in the future, will win. Big time.

I think that referencing true visionaries like Coco Chanel, and being inspired by them to achieve our true potential is exciting, right?

“What could we do with a website that future customers might love?” is such an exciting question, isn’t it?

It’s inspiring…

I know one thing for sure. I can learn a great deal more from legendary founders like Carl Benz, Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick, and Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. I think it might just make me better at helping my clients achieve their true potential. 

The truth is, that standing on the shoulders of these giants is something that we can all do.

I’m sure that they would love us for remembering and honouring their endeavours, and in return, we help them live forever

If you’d like to explore please do so.

It’s work in progress.

I will write a summary of what I’ve learned from all the most loved brands in the future, so if this is something you might be interested in, please subscribe below.

If you have a brand that you love, please make contact and let me know.

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