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Love Life Supplements is a UK-based company that specializes in high-quality nutritional supplements. Founded by Ben Law, Love Life Supplements focuses on producing premium supplements with carefully sourced ingredients.

Love Life Supplements takes pride in offering products that are suitable for various lifestyles and emphasizes the importance of clean, effective, and high-quality supplements.

I have been a loyal customer of Love Life Supplements for many years.

I have shared and recommended Love Life Supplements products with family and friends.


In a saturated market with lots of competitors that all appear to be producing clean and unadulaterated health food supplements, the problem facing Love Life Supplements was standing out in this market as a truely clean brand.

This was the challenge facing Rob Underwood, Marketing Executive of Love Life Supplements, who I worked with on this project.

Rob asked me to help strengthen their position in the market by building a credible content strategy around their curcumin range of products.


As a customer of Love Life Supplements for many years, I had done my research before choosing them. I felt confident that they knew their stuff and that Ben, the founder, had integrity and belief across his entire product range. Ben uses all the products himself, which is always a good sign.

The strategy was to build on this integrity with content that would truly connect with Love Life Supplements target audience in a credible and authoritative manner.


Working directly with the marketing team led by Rob, I helped create a new content strategy focused on communicating the core benefits of curcumin.

Not to be confused with turmeric products, which contains a small percentage of curcumin.

Turmeric is often misold as curcumin.

This authentic and credible approach was driven by the fact that there are an enormous number of brands in the health supplements industry that sell turmeric like its pure curcumin.

Most turmeric products have just 5% curcumin whereas Love Life Supplements products contain 95% curcumin.

This strategy and the corresponding copywriting amounted to over 5,000 words of base content and research for the team to draw from, was used across the website and in advertising materials on Amazon to promote the range of Love Life Supplements curcumin products.

Find out what Rob Underwood, Marketing Executive of Love Life Supplements, thought of my work helping him drive a new and authentic content strategy for the brand.

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