Healthy Futures

Helping people make positive food choices…

Healthy Futures is a nutrition consultancy founded by Shaleen Meelu.

The brand we brought to market is incredibly fresh, energetic and positive.

Healthy Futures is committed to helping people make positive food choices that improve lives, reduce disease, and influence sustainable food production.


Building a new website can be a daunting task.

Where do you start?

Shaleen wanted to bring a new, fresh, and energetic brand to market, so I was hired to help here achieve that outcome with Healthy Futures.

In a crowded space, this was our challenge.


I worked with Shaleen on a number of ideas relating to target audiences, competitor analysis, brand strategy options along with editing and rewriting the website copywriting used to express the energy and values behind the brand.

We discussed ideas for the strapline for Healthy Futures; this was refined during the process to ‘Eat Well, Live Well’.

I then set about attending to over sixty pages of words of website copywriting which needed refining and indexing for SEO.

During an ever important website planning phase, I also recommended a few tweaks to the sitemap and wireframes.


A beautiful representation of values came to the fore.

The brand strategy and the experience across the website is a beautiful representation of the values that Shaleen and the Healthy Futures brand holds dear.

If you’d like to find out more about Healthy Futures, or their Food School, please give Shaleen a nudge.

Or you can visit Healthy Futures:

Find out what Shaleen thought of my work helping her create a new brand experience for her customers.

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