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Heritage and traditional values…

Ethos Construction is business that is high on integrity. The quality of the work carried out by the company’s craftsmen is quite exceptional. I was lucky enough to be hired by Pritesh Lad, the managing director of Ethos Construction, to help with the brand strategy.


The problem facing Ethos Construction was how to stand out in a credible and authentic manner in a saturated market. Building on the traditions of Pritesh’s family in the construction industry, in a contemporary manner that would connect with target audiences, was the real challenge.

We needed to stand out in a good way that really set a new standard for the construction industry, and this is what really excited me about working with Ethos Construction.


Ethos Construction has such a strong heritage with traditional values running through the family, I spent time discussing this with Pritesh.

Bringing this authenticity to the fore in the brand was incredibly important. I felt this was really the secret to success for Pritesh.

Following my competitor analysis, it became clear to me that the heritage, values, and care and attention that ran through the entire business opened up opportunities to really differentiate the Ethos Construction brand in the minds of its target audience.

This became a central theme for developing the brand strategy.


I delved deep into heart of the founder, Pritesh, and the brand he wanted to created, and together we and teased out genuine brand values.

By then communicating a set of brand truths throughout the website copywriting, we could show people the integrity of the work that the Ethos Construction craftsmen delivered, time after time.

I love working with professionals who really care about the quality of service that they deliver to their customers and working with Pritesh and the team at Ethos Construction was an absolute joy.

If you are based in London and want to redevelop a property, you should really talk to Pritesh Lad and the team at Ethos Construction.

Find out what Pritesh Lad, Managing Director of Ethos Construction, thought about my work helping him drive a new and authentic brand strategy for his incredible family brand.

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