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Launching a new business in a fresh and compelling manner

Engage and Prosper is a company that specialises in employee engagement, engagement surveys and employee relationship management programmes.

Focused on helping organisations and employees become the best that they can be, Engage and Prosper is committed to helping organisations and employees achieve self-actualisation.


The problem facing Sharon Kennedy, the founder of Engage and Prosper, was how to launch a new business into the employee engagement and employee relationship management space in a fresh and compelling manner.

In a saturated market with many players, I was asked to help solve this problem.


With connections with people that have worked at a senior level in Apple’s human resources, and having worked in this space in the past, I had some immediate ideas.

However, this knowledge didn’t stop me from conducting fresh competitor analysis work and developing a psychological profile (persona) to help guide my thinking.

Following a number of conversations once the competitor analysis work had been completed, I developed a number of brand names with Engage and Prosper being chosen.

This helped refine the brand strategy work, which informed the communications and website planning work.


The website planning work provided clear direction for the sitemap and wireframes for the new Engage and Prosper website. In addition, I provided creative direction to the designers.

The messaging design I created built a theme of the carrot, stick, and engage models of employee engagement.

The creation of nearly 5,000 words of on-brand, search-indexed website copywriting followed, and the new website launched successfully.

If you are in the market for some help with your employee engagement strategies, visit Engage and Prosper to find out how they can help you.


Find out what Sharon Kennedy thought about my approach to all the work that I did for the Engage and Prosper brand.

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