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Cognifide is a digital technology agency based in London. Founded in 2005, Cognifide provides brands such as Skype, Virgin Media and Investec with medium- and large-scale digital technology platforms.


The problem that Cognifide faced was that it needed a new website that represented its brand and ever-growing solutions in a credible manner. I was asked to help solve this problem by creating a winning strategy, conducting some meticulous planning and creating persuasive, on-brand website copywriting.


Representing the brand in the most powerful light involved lengthy discussions with the directors and founders of Cognifide. I met with Miro Walker, co-founder and CEO, and Sanda Ringsma, marketing and communications director, to gain this knowledge. I then carried out research into competitors and created a range of personas to put myself in the shoes of target audiences. Following the research phase, I developed a range of brand messages and worked through website planning (sitemap). I then got to work crafting all the copywriting for the website, which involved creating a range of case studies for clients such as Skype, Virgin Media, Investec and Moneycorp.


By liaising directly with the brands, and by working closely with Sanda, the website copywriting was signed off rapidly by all parties and launched successfully and on time.

After sustained growth over a number of years prior to and following the launch of the new website, with Cognifide more than doubling its turnover, it celebrated its 10th anniversary as part of the WPP family in April 2015, with Sir Martin Sorrell.

Cognifide became part of Wunderman Thompson which recently became VML.

Find out what Sanda Ringsma thought of my performance working on this project for Cognifide.

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