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AFEX is a trusted global payment and risk management solutions specialist with a heritage that dates back to 1979.

Based in London, AFEX provides commercial FOREX solutions for businesses and private individuals, including a range of global payment and risk management solutions such as spot and forward contracts, delivery and currency options.


Filling a new website with quality website copywriting that is both on-brand and emotionally intelligent was the problem facing AFEX.

I was hired to help solve this problem, define the communication needs of target audiences, refine the brand-messaging, write, and rewrite the copy for AFEX’s new website in order to increase turnover substantially.


As part of a brand review of the communications and the website, I helped define brand and solution USPs.

I put myself in the position of target audiences and created a range of psychological profiles (personas) so that I could empathise with their needs, wants and fears.


For the website copywriting phase, I wrote and rewrote nearly 20,000 words that were deployed across the website, including all automated UX writing touchpoints.

All these words required a sign-off by compliance, heads of departments and the global marketing director.

Minor comments and amendments meant the project was signed off rapidly.

Following the deployment of the new strategy and trust-building copywriting across the website through, AFEX enjoyed a healthy period of growth, with a 21.4% increase in turnover from £16.9 million to £20.5 million. AFEX was later purchased by Fleetcor for $500m.

Find out what Aladdin Elalfy thought of my performance working on this large-scale AFEX project.

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