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Consultations include a review of your website prior to a 40-minute consultation.

If you haven’t got a website, I will review any strategic, planning, or briefing documentation.

These consultations are £75.00.

Please select the most convenient time from the calendar below and I’ll look forward to talking soon.

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“Stuart helped us fundamentally rethink the way that people interact with the website. Starting with our audience persona, he devised a new sitemap and wireframes, and then tracked the new user experience with user journeys through the wireframes. The insights from this resulted in a much-improved user experience. In conjunction with a complete visual refresh of the interface (Stuart introduced us to the design agency), this resulted in a very substantial increase in turnover. I strongly recommend Stuart for his website usability and information architecture skills.”

The truth?

“What you don’t know about me at the moment is that I actually care a great deal about my job and my clients.

Above all, I care about giving the right advice at the right time to help them move forward and start growing again.

When I worked with Ryan Wilkins of RAW, I was very aware of the task at hand and the consequences for getting it wrong. We came out the other side with a wonderful website and brand experience that helped Ryan really develop and grow his business.

Rest assured, I will provide as much expert insight as I can during our time together and I sincerely hope that this is the start of a new and exciting chapter for you and your business.”

“What sets Stuart apart from so many other consultants is his eagerness to immerse himself in the brand. The level of insight, guidance and strategy he’s offered has been above and beyond what was expected and has gone on to create a fantastic body of work that has revolutionised the way in which we talk about our business. I can’t recommend Stuart highly enough.”


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