Helping businesses start growing again

Most businesses struggle to reach the next level.

I have a process which helps them stand out from the crowd, connect with more of their most valuable customers, and start growing again.

If you’re an ambitious business owner that is currently stuck, and you’d like to start growing the business again so that you can achieve your true potential, I might just be able to help…

Stu Ian Wood - Montpellier
“Stuart was a delight to work with. His ability to not only grasp but make sense of sometimes complex subjects is hugely impressive. Not only did he add incredible value to my project from a branding perspective, his methodical, insightful and purposeful approach to producing the work meant we kept to deadlines but without compromising on the quality of the plan or copy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stuart, intend to again and would wholly recommend him for anyone needing assistance with strategy and copywriting. You’ll also benefit from some very interesting, thought provoking and amusing conversations throughout the process!”

You're not alone...

Most businesses struggle to reach the next level

 They litterly run out of ideas.

Without change, around 60% will fail in the first three years. I had a client who was desperate to reach the next level. Over three years, they commissioned five new websites spending over £75,000 on these websites and a further £100,000 on advertising.

Nothing changed.

When we talked I suggested that a new flashy website wasn’t the answer. What was needed was a new strategy! A differentiated brand strategy that would win more of their most valuable customers so they could actually start growing again!

If we work together, we’ll discuss strategy; your business strategy, brand strategy, and your content strategy…

Remember, we can start to turn it all around in a second!

“It’s a rare pleasure to work with consultants who believe that technology should never dictate to people and who really do understand the awesome power of a creative concept in digital media.”


Since 1997, I’ve been privileged to have helped global £Billion brands like Suzuki, adidas, and Moneycorp, and many less well-known startups and smaller brands like Engage & Prosper, Michael D’Rews, Brightlines, Mind Tools, and RAW.

If you’re tired of standing still and you are ready to start growing your business again, I bring experience and knowledge to the table which you might find very useful.

Please book a consultation at your convenience and I will review your business website before our call. We can then have a proper conversation about what needs to happen to get your business growing again.

“When I decided to promote my services online, I found a web site I liked and from there a web designer who also helped me identify a great creative team. It wasn’t until I was asked for the copy that I realised I missed out on the most important element. I’m certainly no expert at writing for websites or copywriting that can be read by the diverse audiences I’m trying to target. Bumping into Stuart, following a random Google search, was a blessing in disguise. Not only did he edit and rewrite my copy, he provided guidance on sitemap and information architecture; a few words of warning about the original direction I was heading (which we quickly rectified) and also a vision of the direction we’re heading in. Mine is an unusual business yet Stuart seemed to figure out what we are about straight away. It’s obvious he doesn’t waste time and the final product was exceptionally high quality. Even the web designer said he had never seen anything like it! Web sites need to evolve continuously and I know that in the next couple of years when I go for a re-vamp, I’ll certainly approach Stuart for guidance. Stuart’s other clients include some very big brands but I’d encourage small businesses, especially those who are just starting out, to turn to a professional copywriter like Stuart in order to ensure that how you want to be perceived is delivered through your online content and promotional material. I wish I had a huge budget like Coca Cola and Cadbury’s; I’d create a revolution and Stuart would be in charge of the campaign!”

They'll be amazed at what you achieve

There is nothing more painful than standing still when you want to move forward. It’s debilitating, depressing, and energy sapping…

If you are currently stuck, I feel for you. I know. The pain is excrutiating. The worry is chronic. The disrupted sleep patterns screw everything up.

But. If we really want to reach the next level, we must reinvent ourselves. We must think differently. We must reset, transform, and connect with our most valuable customers like never before!

This is what I do.

I have done this for many years.

I might therefore just be able to help you with this.

Stu Ian Wood portrait


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